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The Proclaimers’ pre and post gig drinks of choice

“Looking after our throats – before and after we perform – is very important. This is how we do it!”

Craig and Charlie Reid, Proclaimers and long term supporters of 500 miles 

The Proclaimers are a Scottish rock duo formed by twin brothers, Craig and Charlie Reid in 1983.  They have sold more than 5 million albums worldwide.  Our charity takes its name from the lyrics,”I would walk 500 miles” from their 1988 hit single “I’m Gonna Be “.

Charlie and Craig have long supported 500 miles.  Here they are autographing a Saltire for us before they played a set at our fundraiser, Miles for Smiles, in 2009.

We asked Craig and Charlie what they drink before and after performing.  Watch this clip to find out!

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