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Zambia – Lusaka

500 miles funds the Prosthetics and Orthotics department at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka (UTH) to provide prosthetic and orthotic devices for the poor. We are in the process of refining a system whereby (1) the professional personnel at UTH can apply to 500 miles for sponsorship of devices for people who are unable to pay themselves and (2) 500 miles can provide stock and pay for the labour involved in making the devices in a way which helps to sustain the department.

Our personnel

Our key man at UTH is Chabene Tepula Kein. He qualified with a diploma from Mobility India in 2019. Also working at UTH are Jacqueline, Patrick and Rose, whose training was sponsored by 500 miles, Jacqueline to degree level and Patrick and Rose to diploma level.

Our partners

500 miles has historic contacts with other organisations across Zambia. They include:

  • St Francis Hospital, Katete
  • Chitokoloki Mission Hospital, Chitokoloki
  • Mongu Cheshire Home, Mongu
  • Monze Mission Hospital, Monze
  • Wukwashi Wa Nzami, Kitwe
  • Chilonga Mission Hospital, Chilonga
  • Beit CURE Hospital, Lusaka

We hope to be able to invite our friends at these bases to make referrals to UTH with sponsorship from 500 miles, using the new/improved referral system.

Our outreach

And we would really like to re-commence the funding of outreach activity to these locations through the personnel at UTH, hopefully in collaboration with FlySpec→

FlySpec is an amazing flying service, set up by Professor John Jellis OBE which takes orthopaedic and other surgery all over Zambia, and with whom we have worked successfully in the past.

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