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Robert Peston’s Flat White

“500 miles is a brilliant charity!  I am supporting the BIG dinner 2 – but I cheated!  This pretentious North London flat white is what keeps me going in these ridiculously chaotic times.   Thank you Prime Minister!”

Robert Peston, journalist and political editor of ITV News

Robert Peston founded the education charity Speakers for Schools in 2010.  Its aim is to end educational inequality by giving all young people access to the same prestigious networks available to the top fee-paying school io the UK.

But you probably know Robert best as a British journalist, author and presenter. He is the political editor of ITV News and host of the weekly political discussion show, Peston.  Robert’s latest book is an explosive thriller called The Whistle Blower.

Robert Peston’s Flat White


Coffee beans



You need a coffee bean grinder and a coffee making machine to make a shot or two of espresso coffee.  Then warm some milk in a pan on the stove and add to the espresso to taste.

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