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Rose Murray Brown’s Cheese and White Wine Pairings

Rose Murray Brown

“What better way to end your BIG dinner 2  than with a glass of chilled white wine and some delicious cheese?”

Rose Murray Brown, Official wine expert of the BIG dinner 2

Three recommended cheeses

Goats milk cheese: ST TOLA LOG (Galway, Ireland)

Ewes milk cheese: SIR LANCELOT (Lanarkshire, Scotland)

Ewes milk cheese: FLOWER MARIE (Sussex, England)

All available from IJ Mellis cheesemongers


Two white wine pairing recommendations

EGY KIS DRY FURMINT 2019 Barta (Tokay, Hungary) – £14.95 Corney & Barrow

VOUVRAY SEC RENAISSANCE 2019 Sebastian Brunet (Loire, France) – £19.35 L’Art du Vin

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