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Nairn’s Amazing Grazing Board

“This simple and show stopping grazing board is ideal for your BIG dinner 2.”

Euan Lutton, Assistant Brand Manager, Nairn’s

Nairn’s Amazing Grazing Board

The “Nairn’s Amazing Grazing Board” is surprisingly straightforward to make.  Not only does it look impressive and appetizing as the centrepiece for a social gathering, but it involves no cooking (other than baking a camembert in the oven). Another benefit of this type of entertaining is that you can make up a platter for any number of guests on any budget – from a simple dinner date for 2 or for a larger more lavish get together with friends – the principles of building a great platter remain the same.

Step 1:  Find a board (rectangular works best).  This one pictured will serve 6 people.  Lay out a couple of baked camembert and some other pieces of cheese.  Whilst supermarkets have some interesting cheeses, do try out your local deli or cheesemonger for something more unusual from smaller producers.

Step 2: Start to add some colour with things like grapes, chilli, pickles, vine tomatoes, cucumber, sliced beetroot and cut apple.  Dried apricots or figs work well too, adding sweetness to complement sharp or mature cheeses.

Step 3:  Place a mixture of cold meats onto the platter along with some chutney, relish or dips.  Moroccan style hummus is delicious. Quince paste is a gamechanger if you can get your hands on it.

Step 4: Then add some crackers, oatcakes and savoury biscuits.  You can also fill in any gaps with nuts or olives too which are a popular choice on grazing platters and go brilliantly with cheese.

Serve with side plates and napkins, your favourite bottle of wine and some great conversation!

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