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Linda McDonald’s Auntie Sheila’s Soup

“This wonderfully simple, delicious and warming soup makes a perfect meal as we move into autumn.”

Linda McDonald, Founder of MUMs 

Linda McDonald is the founder of MUMs (Malawi Underprivileged Mums). MUMs is a Scottish charity, set up in 2005, to support mothers forced to use Bottom Hospital, a very deprived hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. Linda raised many thousands of pounds to make a huge difference to the lives of mothers and babies at Bottom Hospital and in Lilongwe generally, saving many lives in the process.

One of the ways they raised funds was by selling recipes from family and friends collected into three volumes called MUMs Recipes – and so Linda was a very obvious person to ask to select one of the most popular recipes in her collections to share with you.

Linda McDonald’s Auntie Sheila’s Soup

Ingredients (serves 8)

50g/2oz butter (maybe substitute some oil)

1 onion chopped

1 clove garlic crushed

2 carrots diced

2 potatoes diced

400g can chopped tomatoes

225g/1/2lb red lentils washed

1.75 litres/3 pints vegetable stock (cubes is fine)

Salt and pepper


  1. Sauté the onion and garlic for a few minutes in the butter/oil in a pot which will hold everything.
  2. Add remaining ingredients.
  3. Simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
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