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Kieran Ngwenya’s Chicken Wraps

“I think 500 miles is a great cause to get behind, especially for myself, as a Malawian.  I have been over there and witnessed the standard of living.  I think it could really help to change many people’s lives. I often make these chicken wraps with salad as a pre and post-training snack.  I’m not the best of chefs so I keep it simple – but these are very flavourful as well.”

Kieran Ngwenya, Aberdeen FC and Malawi international footballer 

Kieran Ngwenya is a professional football player for Aberdeen Football Club and for Malawi’s national team.  He is currently on loan from Aberdeen to Kelty Hearts.  In June this year he made his international debut for Malawi in a friendly match with Tanzania.

Kieran Ngwenya’s Chicken Wraps

Ingredients (serves 1):

Packet of four tortilla wraps

Sweet and smoky chicken (from Sainsbury’s) chopped up

Nando’s Perinaise (peri peri mayonnaise)

Bag of salad leaves


  1. Put some salad leaves down the middle of each tortilla.
  2. Top the salad with some chopped chicken
  3. Add the mayonnaise
  4. Roll up the tortilla.
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