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Fred MacAulay’s Butternut Squash Risotto (with wine recommendations from Rose Murray Brown)

“3-month-old Molly, the youngest of our four black Labradors, and a nice glass of red feature – neither of them actually in the risotto though – which tastes just great anyway!”

Fred MacAulay, comedian, broadcaster and long term supporter of 500 miles 

Fred MacAulay is a Scottish comedian and long-time radio presenter for BBC Radio Scotland, but also a very familiar face on TV, having presented and appeared in many TV shows.  He has performed at 29 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals and is much in demand as an after-dinner speaker and awards presenter. Fred has also been a fantastic supporter of 500 miles since we started in 2007.

Fred MacAulay’s Butternut Squash Risotto

Ingredients: (serves 2)

1 medium sized Butternut Squash

1teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1 large onion

1 clove garlic

Rocket salad

Feta cheese

Parmesan cheese (grated)

1 pint vegetable stock

1 large cup of risotto (Arborio) rice


  1. Chop the butternut squash into cubes (between half an inch and an inch) and then toss the cubes in the olive oil, coriander cumin, salt and pepper and place on a roasting tray and roast in oven for 10-12 minutes or till soft.
  2. Soften the garlic and onion in olive oil in frying pan.
  3. Stir the rice into the onions and garlic and olive oil – ensuring the rice is coated in the oil.
  4. Add the stock to the rice etc. mixing in one ladleful at a time and cook the rice till soft.
  5. Once the rice is cooked, add the butternut squash and feta cheese, stir for a few minutes till the feta is warm.

Serve on a bed of rocket and sprinkle with parmesan to taste.


Rose Murray Brown’s wine recommendations

Butternut squash has a sweet buttery flavour which needs a moderately rich white wine to match.  I would suggest a lightly oaked Chardonnay – or even better a white Rhone blend.  Two well priced examples I have tasted recently from the Rhone are the fresh zesty Lirac Blanc La Fermade 2020 Maby (£11.95 The Wine Society) and richer more exotically perfumed Nos Terroirs Bios Vacqueyras Blanc 2019 (£12.99/£17.99 Majestic Wine) made from a five grape Rhone blend.  

Another fascinating and unusual match would be a dry Furmint from the Tokay region of north east Hungary: Dry Furmint 2019 Pajzos (£8.95 The Wine Society) is rich creamy with vibrant acidity – and punches well above its price point – an incredible bargain!


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