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Maliwase Munthali

Maliwase outside the centre

My name is Maliwase Linda Munthali. I was born on 08 December 1990. I am the first born in my family.  I have 5 siblings. I come from the northern part of Malawi but I was born and raised mostly in the southern part in a town called Blantyre. I am now living in Lilongwe with my parents.


I did my primary school at Joyce Banda Foundation and my secondary at Providence Girls Secondary School and I completed my A levels at Phwezi Girls Secondary School. The two schools are boarding schools! My ambition was to be a doctor though I didn’t want to work with touching blood. I used to ask my mum if there was a way I could be a doctor without touching blood! When I went to TATCOT I was so glad to see that I could work with clients in my white coat and no blood touching.

I pursued my diploma at TATCOT in Kilimanjaro. I was there from 2008 to 2011. TATCOT is the place where I discovered more about myself and what I like doing and what I would like to do. I was sponsored by 500 miles after I selected following an interview process. It was really the Grace of God. Early in 2023, I graduated with a BSc in prosthetics and orthotics from Mahidol University after studying with Human Study e.V. I am excited to be a certified prosthetist and orthotist.

Working life

I started liking my profession in the second year of the diploma program when I made a prosthesis and the patient walked. It was like a dream to me. I was so excited. From that time on I love being a part of giving people a second chance to walk another mile even if their normal limbs are amputated.

Ever since I started training in prosthetics and orthotics, I have travelled to different countries in the world. I have travelled to South Africa, Tanzania, Cambodia, Thailand and Egypt. I have been with different kinds of people in my profession and I have learnt so much. I found one thing in common in all P and O’s around the word. Our joy is not in the delivery of the brace or prosthesis, but in the outcome of the brace or prosthesis. We are happy when a function is restored and when a life is made better because of our service.

I was the first female in Malawi to study prosthetics and orthotics and I am now working at the 500 miles Centre at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe. I have worked there since I got my diploma in 2011 – and it’s been an amazing experience for me. I have managed to train even those under me and mentor them. Now most of them-even the work shop assistants, even the patient attendants are able to do more, and am so proud to see them excel.

Hobbies and ambitions

I like singing gospel music, swimming, writing power point presentations, cooking. In the long run I have learnt Excel and project management and it’s one of the things I like doing as well as learning new things.

My dreams are to obtain a masters and PHD in rehabilitation and physical disabilities majoring in prosthetics and orthotics after I graduate with my BSC.  I also dream to reach out to as many patients as I can and make a difference in their life and help them walk an extra mile.

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