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Abdullah Issa

Short profile

My name is Abdullah M. Issa. I was born on 20/2/1970 at Bwejuu village, Zanzibar.
I am Tanzanian, am married and having 4 children.

Education background

  • 1977 -1984 Bwejuu Primary School –Zanzibar
  • 1985 -1988 Bwejuu secondary school and Lumumba secondary school –Zanzibar


  • 1990 -1993 Tanzania Training Centre for Orthopedic Technologists – awarded diploma in orthopedic technology
  • Now I am doing a BSc. in prosthetics & orthotics at Tumaini University in Moshi Tanzania. I am sponsored by 500 miles.


 Employment experience

From 1993 up to now I am employed by the Ministry of Health and Social walfare, working in the orthopaedic workshop at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital –Zanzibar.

Post graduate courses/special training

  • March 1993 – International update course on amputation surgery and related prosthetics and orthotics
  • August 2000 – International short-term courses on management of poliomyelitis
  • August 2000 – Hands on workshop on lower limb orthotics
  • September 2004 – In structure courses on management of cerebral pulse

NOTE: all above courses are by ISPO

  • August 2008 – The guidelines of management of ear, nose and throat diseases and pre-school hearing screening.


Watching football, swimming, and music.

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