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Walison Soko


When Walison Soko, now 29, was six years old he was severely burnt which resulted in his left leg being amputated above the knee. As a child, Walison had to be carried around and, even as an adult, he has had to be cared for by his parents. He has never been able to earn a living. As he is one of 6 children and his parents are subsistence farmers, there was no money to pay for someone to take Walison to school so he didn’t attend. Latterly Walison has managed to get around on crutches but after he heard about 500 miles from a friend, he attended the orthopaedic clinic at MCH where he was referred to 500 miles.

Tiwonge Nyahoda made him a belt-suspended trans-femoral prosthesis. Using tips that our QIC, Sandy, had taught her, Tiwonge was able to give Walison a well-fitting socket and achieve good shaping. Walison was very grateful and said that he hopes his leg will give him his life back. He wants to start a small business so he doesn’t need to depend on his parents. And, as watching football has always been a hobby, he is looking forward to walking to matches.

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