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Gladys Kagwadala

Gladys was born in April 2008, the younger child of Mr and Mrs Kagwadala. They said that she always looked very strong and happy and dreamed of becoming a nurse when she grew up. But in 2014, when Gladys was 6, her toes started developing wounds which were difficult to heal. She was diagnosed with septic wounds on the toes and a “Darco Shoe” which accommodates and protects the toes was provided by Beit CURE. Because the Darco shoe had a thick sole, in 2018, Gladys was referred to 500miles for a shoe raise to compensate for the leg length discrepancy.

However, during this treatment Gladys’s knee on her left side became very weak and swollen and was causing her discomfort. When Gladys walked or even when she was just standing, her knee was falling into a valgus position (angled inwards). Over time the knee became very unstable and so in June this year, after a fresh referral from Beit CURE, 500 miles began orthotic management.

500 miles prescribed a knee ankle foot orthosis to straighten and support the knee. The device was quickly fabricated and Gladys immediately walked well with the support of the device. Gladys’s prosthetist, Peter Chilewani, said she is very happy with it. She no longer wears the Darco shoe. This will not be the end of the story for Gladys, but we should be able to keep this 12-year-old girl mobile.

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