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Edward Jamison

Edward was born in 1991 without any disability. He is married with two children. He lives in Dowa, near Lilongwe and farms to feed his family.

In 2008, he was bitten by a poisonous snake whilst he was sleeping. He was rushed to KCH where the doctors performed a trans-femoral amputation to save his life because his leg was developing gangrene.

After he was discharged from hospital, he used crutches to get about for four years before he was referred to 500 miles at KCH for a trans-femoral prosthesis by Dowa District Hospital in 2012. The device allowed Edward to resume his normal daily activities and to earn his livelihood through farming. Since then, Edward has returned to 500 miles many times to have his device repaired but when he visited us in July this year, his device was deemed beyond repair and so his prosthetist, Peter Chilewani, took a cast for a new trans-femoral prosthesis which he fitted on the 30th of July. Peter reports that Edward was delighted with his new device.

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