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Debra Dziwa

Debra Dziwa was born with clubfeet. They could have been corrected when she was a child if she had been taken to hospital for serial casting – but she wasn’t (as you can see from the video below). Now 25, Debra has been walking bare-foot all her life as obviously she can’t get footwear. Debra is one of six children but stays with her grandmother.

Fortunately, our clinical lead at 500 miles at MCH, Benadata Singini, met her at church and explained to her about our services. Debra was seen in December when she reported that her feet hurt when she walked in uneven areas, when it is hot and when she walked long distances. The deformity is fixed and can’t be corrected without what, for an adult, would be major surgery, so Benadata made her a pair of orthopaedic sandals to accommodate the deformity and to support and protect her feet so that she can walk comfortably. Benadeta first cast Debra’s feet and then made a positive model of them round which she fashioned the sandals. Debra bears more weight on the outside edge of her feet and so a wedge has been created on the outside edge of the sandals to provide support there and the sandals are lined with foam in order to distribute Debra’s weight when walking. Debra can now walk comfortably – again, which you can see on our website. Debra is in form 4 at Ezondweni Secondary School in Mzimba District. Her sandals should help her complete her studies in more comfort.

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