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500 miles words for "I'm Gonna Be"

The proclaimers

1. When I wake up, and I think of all I’ve got,
I’ve got to think how very lucky I have been.
I’ve had chances, chances other folk have not,
To go where I have gone and see the things I’ve seen.

But there are people, there are people overseas
Who are the victims of unlucky circumstance.
They’ve been crippled, by bad luck or by disease,
So I just want to help them have a second chance.

And I would walk 500 miles,
And I would walk 500 more,
I would fight to go that extra mile,
Just to show what friends are really for.

2. In Malawi, there’s a boy who’ll sit and cry,
Who’ll sit and cry because he can’t walk down the street.
And I say “Are we, are we gonna walk on by,
Or are we gonna try to get him to his feet?”

With prosthetics, he could learn to walk and run,
And then the world would open up and let him in.
Could be an athlete or just play and have some have fun,
Could grasp that second chance to let his life begin.

And I would walk 500 miles,
And he would walk 500 too,
And together that’s one thousand miles,
Just to show what hope can really do.

3. When I’m dreaming, I always dream that I could build,
Could build a clinic fitting limbs in Africa,
But we’re worried that the dream won’t be fulfilled,
Because, alone it feels a giant step too far.

Yet if we all make, if we all make up our minds,
That we can pull together, share and see it through.
Then, when we wake up, we will know we’re gonna be,
We’re gonna be the folk who built it there for you.

And to help you take your own first steps,
We would walk 500 miles for you,
And together with that will to win,
We will make all of your dreams come true.

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