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Maxwell Goliath

My name is Maxwell Madalitso Goliath, born first in the family of six children. I come from Lilongwe in Malawi. As an ambitious young man, I believe nothing come on silver platter, we have got to work on what we really  want in life I hence enjoy participating in activities that adds value to life. To me, Family always comes first, I cherish the wonderful supportive family I am blessed with and if the family is happy I am happy. I have four sisters and a brother as siblings.

Educational background

After completing secondary school in 2009, I served as a volunteer at the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy department of Children of Blessings Trust (COBT). This is where I first saw orthopedic devices, both orthoses and prostheses. I was glad to see clients who had lost either limbs or normal muscle function being happily rehabilitated using such devices.


My interest in this area gave me the opportunity to visit the 500 miles prosthetics and orthotics Centre at Kamuzu Central Hospital. I was amazed with the wonderful work being done at the Centre and I loved the whole fabrication process. I was keen to know more so, I asked for a chance to join their team as a Prosthetist and Orthotist Technical assistant which is an onsite trained post. I wanted to understand the concepts behind the ability of these devices to relieve pain, prevent and correct deformities and help amputees to attain a normal gait. It was a great experience watching amputees walking using their artificial limbs.

I was glad to join 500 miles’ staff in January 2011 as a Technical assistant, my tasks at the Centre included assisting prosthetics and orthotics team in the production and fitting of the related assistive devices among others. I worked at the Centre for 19 months before I got an opportunity in 2012 to go for studies in Orthopedic Technology at Tanzania Training Centre for Orthopeadic Technology (TATCOT) in Tanzania which is under Muhimbiri University. The training was possible under 500 miles’ sponsorship. I completed the study in 2014 with a Distinction and joined the Ministry of Heath as a Certified Associate Prosthetist and Orthotist.


My vision for my future

I really enjoy the feeling accompanied by the proper prescription of the devices and the social economic impacts on service beneficiaries. Our services allow people with physical disabilities to continue making effective contributions to the development activities in their different communities.

I however understand that there are many potential service beneficiaries who are not able to access prosthetic and orthotic services for a number of reasons, the main one being the travel distance to the only three service centers in the country. I look forward to advocate and see more new service Centers established in some of the already existing District hospitals. I also believe Malawi has the capacity to introduce prosthetics and orthotics Education in the already existing Health training institutions, I really look forward to contribute to such needful development.

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