Chabene Kein


Family Background

My full name is Chabene Tepula Kein and I was born on the 15th January 1990 in Mongu in the western part of Zambia. I am from the Kaonde/luvale tribe. I am the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Tepula Peter, both of who have passed away (my father in 1998 and my mother in 2000). My father and mother both had good jobs.

After my mother died, I was brought firstly up my uncle (who is a teacher at St John’s High School in Mongu) and aunt (who is a nurse in Liwanika).

School Background

I started my schooling in 1997, at Limulunga Basic School. After my parents died, I moved to grade five at Mulambwa Basic School which I attended up to grade seven. I became the best student from that school and I later won a place at St John’s High School – the best school in the western region. I was at St John’s for grades eight and nine but after I had passed my grade nine exams I changed school when I went to stay with my other uncle (who is an accountant) in the Sesheke district in western province. I was there until I completed my secondary schooling in 2008. After I had passed my grade twelve exams I wanted to think about finding a job or going to college. I found a job with a private organization which monitored elections in Zambia. I did not enjoy this work, but I had no option other than to work.


Then in 2011, I came across Sister Cathy at Cheshire Homes in Mongu and I was told that they were looking for a bench worker. When I was told the kind of work that would mean, I became very interested in the job. I got more experience of this sort of work at Zambian Italian Orthopaedic Hospital where I was a bench worker for a year. I was then given a Sponsorship by 500 miles to go on a one year course in prosthetics at Tanzania Training Centre for Orthopaedic Technologist (TATCOT) in Moshi town in Tanzania.


500 miles has done everything possible to help me by paying my fees and other expenses (such as living allowances) together with my flights to and from TATCOT. I enjoyed my time at school in Tanzania. I was the only Zambian in my class of 9 people, and since I knew the reason I was there I worked very hard in class and I became the best student in my class. School wasn’t easy but I was very happy that I had done well.

After finishing my one year course at TATCOT, I came back to Zambia and to working at Zambian Italian Orthopaedic Hospital.


About me

I am a hard working young man with the capability of progressing as an individual using my knowledge and skills, whose interest is to do work for the mutual benefit of the society. I will use my knowledge by offering the best to my fellow Zambians through my profession as a P&O worker.

I like spending my time researching new things for my work, reading, congregating and also listening to gospel music.

I am a Christian and am single for now although I am seeing someone.