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Walking in Chris’ memory

Georgina and her walking team
20 miles each!

Georgina Hume lost her husband, Chris Hume, to cancer in 2008. But before he died, Chris was enabled to live an active life by using a prosthesis. Georgina and her parents and their friends have been supporting 500 miles in Chris’s memory for some time now, in a variety of ways including lunches and baking gingerbread cakes (see photo) but in 2010 they pulled something special out of the bag. Georgina and 25 of her friends walked 20 miles each (so that’s 500 miles – and 20 more for good measure) over a camping weekend in May. Here is the group of walkers who among them raised over £6,000 by their perseverance and discomfort!

We’d say they did Chris proud!


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