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Miles for Smiles

Miles for Smiles was Olivia’s big fundraising effort for the year. It all took place at the EICC in Edinburgh on the 3rd of October. Sir Sean Connery was the patron of Miles for Smiles which had two parts to it: the daytime 500 miles Challenge and the evening ball.

Over 2000 people took part in the 500 miles Challenge with one person or team beginning the same one mile circuit on each of the 500 minutes from 11.10am until 7.29pm. People were asked to complete their mile in a funny, challenging or ingenious way so as to attract maximum sponsorship – and they obliged! Alan Cuthbert did the 500th mile – having previously completed 499 miles over the summer.

The Proclaimers were the main event at the ball which was attended by 730 people. Fred MacAulay, Nick Nairn, Jim Diamond and The Full Tin Tin were also brilliant!

Many many thanks to the hundreds of people who took part in and supported Miles for Smiles which has raised close to £250,000. Click on the link to go to the Miles for Smiles blog for a full report.



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