Cycling 500 miles for 500 miles

20 adventurous cyclists are undertaking a once-in-a-lifetime cycle down the shore of Lake Malawi in September 2018 to raise funds for 500 miles. Led by Charlie and Samantha, the joint managers of our Mzuzu centre, the group will cycle a 250-mile route through the “warm heart of Africa”.

Thank you very much Millar, Iain, Ian, Ronnie, Robin, Rob, Jeremy, Julian, Keith, Aileen, Robin, Lindsay, Lorna, Wendy, Ruth, Kitty, Anthony, Polly, David and Nicholas.

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What we do

To find out in under 3 minutes what 500 miles does and why it’s important, watch here:

The main focus of our work in Malawi is supporting the Malawi government to develop and deliver sustainable prosthetic and orthotic services which will be there for future generations – as well as for the people we help today. In Malawi, independent mobility is a passport into education for a young person. It means a chance of employment for an adult – and it affords social inclusion and participation for all.

See the impact we’re making on people’s lives with our patient stories here.

The full cost of producing an average prosthetic or orthotic device in one of our two centres in Malawi is just £175. That is all it costs to transform someone’s life. And, because that cost includes everything from imported components and local supplies to labour and utilities, it’s not just a contribution to the individual who will benefit from that device – it also helps ensure the service continues for the benefit of future generations.