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Vic does New York

Mother of four, Victoria Shortt celebrated her 40th birthday by taking part in the New York marathon on 7th November 2010.

Before then, Victoria had not run much further than a 10K so this was a significant challenge which forced her to train hard and  really increase her fitness level in time for her milestone birthday. She was certainly fabulous at 40!

Victoria’s actual birthday was 1st November 2010 and there was a birthday holiday in New York with her husband, Nick, after the race!

Victoria very kindly offered to use this opportunity to raise funds for 500 miles – for which we are extremely grateful. Her target was a whopping £6,000!

Victoria was introduced to 500 miles by Chris Oliver who cycled over 1,000 miles to raise funds for 500 miles in August last year – see the Archive. Victoria has expressed a wish that the money she raises is used to treat children. Approximately 60% of FlySpec’s patients are disabled children and about half of the patients at the 500 miles Centre at Kamuzu and at the workshop at ZIOH in Lusaka are children, so we can easily accommodate this request.

Victoria said, “I am aware of how lucky my own children are to (a) have full mobility, and (b) have access to free, high-quality healthcare if they ever need it.”



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