Elvas Singini


My name is Elvas Benadeta Singini. I am a 23 year old Malawian female from a family of two children – just my younger brother and me.

I come from Zakeyo Mtonga village, T.A Kampingo Sibande, Eswazini in Mzimba District. Mzimba District is in the northern part of Malawi. When I am in Malawi I stay in Mzuzu, which is also in Mzimba District.

I did my primary school education at Enyezini Primary School in Mzimba District from 1996-2003. Then I was selected to attend Ekwendeni Girls’ Secondary School. I was there from 2004-2007. At secondary school I was sponsored by the Mamie Martin Foundation from Scotland. I wrote my O-level examinations in 2007. I passed well although I had to repeat these exams again in 2009 because I had a problem in one of the subjects.

In 2009 I applied to work at the 500 miles Centre at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe and was selected. I began work there in October 2009 and continued there until I went to college.

Elvas in the workshop

In 2010 I enrolled at the college of Tanzania Training Centre for Orthopaedic Technology for a 3 year diploma course which train people in prosthetics and orthotics. I am currently in third year and will finish in July 2013. I am being sponsored by 500 miles.


Elvas in the workshopElvas in the workshop

I like going to church, charting, watching movies, studying and travelling. I dislike bullying and gossip.

My ambition in future is to achieve higher education. I also want to help people with disabilities by making artificial limbs for them so that they are able to do some activities own their own. I also want to encourage people with disabilities so that they can participate in life and feel part of their society.