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Need a Hand

Kathryn Gatt is a mature student living in Bristol, studying for a photography degree. On her own initiative and as part of the second year of her course, she is staging an exhibition – a first for Kathryn who is a newcomer to photography.

Kathryn’s exhibition is called ‘Need a Hand’. It’s a collection of photographs of people doing various everyday things with their hands – but they concentrate just on people’s hands. In most of the photos you don’t see the person, just a close-up of what they are doing with their hands. Some of them just show the hands in one photograph and the eyes in another if the eyes are expressing what the person is doing with their hands. Some examples are: playing violin, knitting, making sandcastles, kneading bread, texting on a mobile phone, taking photographs, playing with puppets.

While she was taking a photograph of her nephew playing with lego, it struck Kathryn how having the use of two hands can be taken for granted and how tragic it would be to lose one or both of your hands. That’s what led her to think about finding a charity that helps amputees who have lost any of their limbs.

The exhibition will run for 2 weeks with a private preview night on 24th April – which is also Kathryn’s 50th birthday. Rather than spending money on a party, Kathryn is paying all of the costs of the exhibition and will ask guests to donate to 500 miles.



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