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Join In With The Big Dinner 2

Please help our final fundraising push to get people in Malawi and Zambia moving again. We need to raise £262,500. That’s equal to a new leg for 1,500 people who can’t afford to pay for one themselves. 


We aim to hand over our busy Lilongwe 500 miles clinic to Malawi’s Ministry of Health by the end of 2024, just as we did with our clinic in Mzuzu on 1 July 2021 – and we need these funds to be able to do it.

We’ve created this new Big Dinner 2 film to inspire you. Please share it with your guests, or you can show it at your event. Click on the share icon or email us for the link or a copy on a USB drive or a DVD.


How to support the BIG dinner 2

You can support in the way that suits you best! The easiest way might be for you simply to make a donation. 

Or you could raise money for us in any way at all – but our last fundraiser is called the BIG dinner 2 because we know people enjoyed the original BIG dinner in 2015, and with the loosening of Coronavirus restrictions, we thought you might enjoy hosting a BIG dinner 2 event for family or friends, your neighbours or maybe with your club or community organisation. There is no set format, no set date for your fundraiser. All you need is some good company and great food, and to ask your guests to make a donation to 500 miles instead of bringing the usual chocolates and flowers. 

It can be morning coffee, cocktails and canapes, or a formal dinner party, it is up to you. You’ll find lots of recipes and cooking tips from some well-known faces on the Recipes & Tips page – and please use our branded templates for an invitation, menu and place card – and enjoy inspiration from some of our supporters.

You can see our device prices here, but for example, just £18 buys a shoe raise which will help a young child; £55 pays for a new foot so someone can walk – and an average device, like a below knee prosthesis, costs £175 – hence our target being 1,500 of them! 

Your contribution will not only help someone stand up and walk today, but will support many more people to walk in the future.  That’s because when we set up the charity in 2007, our plan was to help establish a sustainable professional prosthetic and orthotic service in Malawi. 

Every penny we receive goes directly into our work, so please give whatever you can to help us reach our target.

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